Guild Promise

Betrayed offers am amazing community with trustworthy staff and crazy members!
We are currently grinding to stay in the top #100 of hypixel guilds!
The Guild does offer the Green Guild Tag along with our guild name of course [BETRAYED].
We have a unique and dedicated staff team that run the discord, private server and guild overall.

BetrayedMC Minecraft Server

The BetrayedMC server is a private server for the betrayed members! The Owners are LapisChest [Project Leader/Dev] and NotNexus [Founder], our Manager is none other than our Guild Leader OnlyGodJudge who helped to keep this project going! The Build Team is lead by Dagals, who has/will be making custom maps for us. The server team is an entirely new dedicated team lead by LapisChest.

Custom Terrain

Fresh's world was designed from scratch for the server. Explore new custom biomes but be advised malicious creatures may be lurking.


☞ | Hypixel Level: 50 or above

☞ | Age: 13 or above

☞ | Must be an active player

☞ | Have a Discord Account

More than a regular hypixel guild

Betrayed brings you unique events, giveaways and opportunities to help the community.

  • Be Active

    Be Active to not get kicked... if you are inactive for 14 days, you will be kicked.

  • Keep swearing to a minimum

    Swearing is tolerated but to a certain extent. If we find you swearing that causes unwanted drama, warnings will be issued. Excessive warnings will cause long duration bans or kicks

  • Cool Community

    Make new friends as you join Betrayed and enjoy the fun, Join our Discord and talk with the comunity and staff.

  • Have Fun

    Play with your Guild Mates and at the same time you will get XP, to level up the guild.

What are you waiting for?

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